How To Start Selling Your Gift Cards In Nigeria (Steps + Things To Look Out For)

How to sell your gift cards in Nigeria

Gift cards have become increasingly popular in Nigeria, and many Nigerians have received various types of gift cards.

Selling your gift card for cash or crypto is a great way to quickly earn money.

In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step how to sell your gift card in Nigeria and make the process easy to understand.

Here are the steps to start selling your gift cards in Nigeria:

Step 1: Identify the type and value of your gift card

Before selling your gift card, determine what type of gift card you have and how much it’s worth.

Popular gift cards in Nigeria include iTunes, eBay, Sephora, Steam, and Amazon gift cards.

Step 2: Find a Reliable P2P Exchange

To sell your gift card with confidence, look for trustworthy Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Exchanges such as MyMarchant.

MyMarchant has many trusted vendors who offer great rates and have a proven track record.

While MyMarchant is a good choice, it’s also worth exploring other reliable P2P Exchanges.

Doing thorough research gives you more options and improves your chances of getting the best deal.

Step 3: Create an Account on the P2P Exchange

Once you have identified a trustworthy P2P Exchange, it is time to create an account on the platform.

The registration process is typically user-friendly, enabling you to swiftly establish your presence in the marketplace.

While setting up your account, prioritize security. Implementing strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and carefully reviewing the platform’s security features safeguard your valuable information and assets.

Step 4: Choose a Vendor and Start the Trade

After successfully creating an account, carefully choose a vendor with a solid reputation.

Look for vendors who have consistently delivered exceptional services and garnered positive feedback from previous traders.

MyMarchant’s Vendor Vetting System

MyMarchant offers an intelligent vendor vetting system, ensuring only reliable vendors are permitted to engage in trades with other users.

This feature provides an additional layer of trust and security during your transaction.

Step 5: Complete the Trade

Once you have initiated the trade, you will be required to transfer your gift card to the selected vendor.

Follow the specific instructions provided by the P2P Exchange to complete this step securely.

Upon transferring the gift card, the vendor will promptly send you the agreed-upon cash or crypto equivalent of the gift card’s value.

Confirm the transaction and ensure the received amount aligns with your expectations.

Step 6: Leave a Review

After completing the trade, it’s important to leave a review about the vendor’s services.

Your review will help other traders make informed decisions when choosing a vendor.

When writing a review, consider highlighting aspects such as promptness, reliability, and professionalism.

Constructive feedback can empower vendors to enhance their services, while positive reviews acknowledge exceptional performance.

Selling your gift card for cash or crypto is a convenient way to get quick money in Nigeria.

By following the simple steps outlined above and using a reliable P2P Exchange, you can easily convert your gift card into valuable funds.

Maximize your earnings and enjoy the benefits of selling gift cards in Nigeria today!